Best LL.B in India
   Making the transition to College can be a real challenge. Students need to take more responsibility for their own learning and have to adjust to the fast pace
   of study at university.
 Common Issues
  • Teaching and learning: Not only will you have to adjust to new styles of teaching, you might even have to get used to a different style of teaching for each of the
    subjects you study.

  • Class formats : You may be in unfamiliar class formats such as lectures, tutorials and practical sessions. Your classes will include lectures and perhaps tutorials or
    laboratory/practical classes .

  • Assessment formats : Most students take time to learn what is expected in a College-level essay, lab report or exam.

  • Independence : You will find that a new level of independence is expected of you: you will need to be self-motivated and work out for yourself how much study
     to do. On top of classes, you will have outside independent study.
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